“Like a canvas which in summer is green and in autumn is red and yellow, time, ageing and tradition give character to our vineyards. Vineyards, whose fruits flood our cellars with the aroma of the sea and the earth. Cellars, which offer their most precious treasure in the form of the imperturbable passage of time and the nobility of their oak casks.”


Wineries and Vineyards

Our Cooperative, Católico-Agrícola, has the best infrastructure for the development of our wines at Los Madroñales Winery and excellent conditions for aging in the Avenida de Regla Winery. Thanks to them, our Muscatels and young wines currently belong to the Designation of Origin Jerez/Xérès/Sherry.

Museum of Muscatel

Chipiona is history, tradition, Muscatel. If you love good wine and culture, you should include our Muscatel Museum in your itinerary. The museum is a project created to publicize and promote wine tradition and the richness of our area through sustainable tourism.

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