New gold bath for our Cooperative Two gold awards for the "quality and craftsmanship" of Raisin Muscatel and Muscatel Los Madroñales

The Plenary Hall of the City of Chipiona was the site in which we have today unveiled two new awards received by our Católico-Agrícola Cooperative Winery. Awards have again highlighted the quality and status of our Muscatel Los Madroñales muscatel and raisin muscatel, with two gold awards in this year’s competition. Over the years, the Zarcillo Awards have been consolidated as the most important national competition of Spanish wines, with the intention to become one of the most prestigious competitions internationally. The Zarcillo Awards are regulated by the rules established by the OIV (International Organization of Wine and Vines) in an international contest of consolidated wine recognized in the Calendar Contest of Wine in Spain by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and is integrated into the World Federation of International Wine and Spirits Competition (VinoFed). Therefore, this recognizes Chipiona more than just nation-wide; it is also a step towards the international stage. This award gives us more than just pride for our cooperative, our workers and our production; it gives us pride in our daily efforts and keeps us going. But what makes our muscatels special enough to beat out over 8,000 other wines? “Our brand’s difference is the binomial-quality craftsmanship in our processing system. We are able to cultivate a very sweet grape, in an exquisite microclimate giving rise to a natural sweet wine,” said the winemaker and manager of the winery, Francisco Lorenzo, during the press conference today with the mayor of Chipiona, Antonio Peña. We must also remember that these two new gold awards add to an already impressive list of awards for our... read more

The Muscatel from Chipiona comes to Seville with a new Office of Wines

To open an office in Seville for our wine was a goal of our company for many years; now it has become a reality. Chipiona is the preferred tourist destination for many of Seville’s residents, and our winery and its wines are very well known and appreciated in the Seville metropolis. Chipiona is to Sevillanos their second home and our winemaking company acts as the flagship company of Chipiona. Our new wines, awarded worldwide for their quality and originality, must be present in a market that appreciates and knows reality of our town very well. The establishment recently opened, located in Nervion, Calle el Greco, 4, Mount Tabor square, is more than 60 square meters and possesses a large terrace. It is charming and elegant interior has been done very tastefully. We want our visitors feel at home, as if they were in Chipiona and our winery, tasting the most genuine and flavor that best identifies our region. It has been and remains an important tool for our company to go directly to the consumer in a very broad market such as Seville, where guests will have the opportunity to taste and buy our wines with the maximum guarantee of quality and same prices as in Chipiona. This property also joins our network of stores now totaling more than a half dozen in Chipiona and the region, and we expect successes in... read more

Vintage 2014 A harvest of “optimal quality” mostos from Palomino, Muscat and red wines in our Católico-Agrícola winery.

A harvest of “optimal quality” musts from Palominos, Muscat and red wines in our Católico-Agrícola winery. The Vintage 2014 for the Designation of Origin (DO) for Jerez-Xérès-Sherry has now terminated after the closure of the last wineries in late September. Very favorable weather conditions and less rainfall than in previous years have been key factors for the grapes of our Católico-Agrícola Cooperative Winery to obtain the necessary maturity during this harvest. Healthy grapes that have given us an “optimal quality” musts of the harvest’s Palominos, Muscatels and reds, says the director and manager of the winery, Francisco Lorenzo Gallegos. This process takes around fifteen days between pre-harvests and finishing processes, and the winery has not ceased to work for about a month. “In the harvest season we work around the clock,” confirms the winemaker, Francisco Lorenzo Gallegos. This cooperative has also generated employment in Chipiona, with a total of fifteen workers responsible for preparation and six other workers focusing on the “Pasil” of the Muscatel grape raisins. All equipment has enabled the winery in Chipiona to collect 436,000 kilos of Muscatel grapes that have been converted into 394,000 liters of liquid. As for the Palomino variety, 1,750,000 kilos or grapes resulted in 1.3 million liters. Finally, the red varieties (Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) were converted into 55,000 liters. In the words of the head of our Catholic-Agricultural Cooperative, “in Palomino Mostos [this harvest] has been 18% lower than the last, in Muscatels 15% greater than last year and the red varietals are almost equal.” But… what is the secret of our Muscatel compared to those produced in other... read more

Muscatel Museum Project

Muscatel Wine Museum. The project aims to create a museum centered on muscatel wine, which will be done in our Avenida de Regla Winery, and whose civil work has already been done. It will be presented shortly to the professional media world and general... read more

Tribute to our Manager from ATHOS

Tribute to our manager for his work from the Tourist Association and Commercial Chipiona (ATHOS) Last June 16 our Manager D. Francisco Lorenzo Gallegos was honored for his work on the betterment of our region and constant tourism innovation that takes place in our cooperative in offering quality wines and experiences to visitors of our region in the different tourism establishments that we have. These include restaurants, our Andalucían patio, and lounge and conference tastings in over seven bodegas where we employ more than 40 people during the summer... read more

Report of the winery on TV’s Canal Sur

Interesting report on our winery by Television’s Canal Sur Every Sunday at noon Canal Sur TV holds a program titled ‘Land and Sea,’ on which our Cooperative was featured. The hosts made an interesting piece about our winery, and focused on the facts that the high quality of grapes and innovation in our wines are still being augmented, and that our aging is done in a traditional and artisanal way. It was focused on mid-sized wineries in the D.O. of... read more