“The Madroñales” Fino

Type: Generous.

Alcohol content: 15%.

Variety and percentage: 100% Palomino Fino. Jerez Superior.


Straw yellow with green olive reflections, this fino is clean and bright. A delicate aroma and sharp nose, with light hints of almond and bread dough come through. The palate is very dry, tasty and balanced, with complexity and elegance. It has an expressive body, evoking a harmony of sensations, and a long finish with aromas that suggest noble and fine aging. It has salinity and a pleasant bitterness.


Wine made from the Palomino variety and aged until 15% alcohol content is reached. The biological aging is performed under the “flor,” the natural layer of yeast that forms on top of the wine in its cask, through the criadera and solera system for a period of three years and provides magnificent organoleptic qualities and a touch of chamomile.