“The Madroñales” Raisin Muscatel

Type: Sweet Natural.

Alcohol content: 15%.

Variety and percentage: 100% Muscat grapes from Alexandría.

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Dark mahogany with flashes of copper and wide legs that denote high sugar concentration. Clean and bright flavor. It highlights the aroma of raisins, dried apricots and dates with back notes of cocoa and vanilla – very balanced in all its aromas.  Mellowing, velvety and unctuous, tastes of flavored or toasted raisins. This wine has a great, full body and structure as well as a long and persistent taste.

Made exclusively from Muscatel raisins obtained after 15 days in the Chipiona “Pasil” system, where the grapes are laid down for 12 days before being milled and then prepared. Obtained after a minimum partial fermentation to preserve the aromatic characteristics of the variety before fortification with alcohol to 15%. An age of over five years through the solera system of aging in American oak casks evolves its color from light to dark mahogany and provides it with new aromas, a fuller structure and complexity.