“The Madroñales” Special Dark Muscatel Carafe

Type: Sweet Natural.

Alcohol content: 15%.

Variety and percentage: 100% Muscat grapes from Alexandría.



Sold in a carafe with greater volume than the bottle, but with the same characteristics. Beautiful dark mahogany in color with wide legs that betray its actual sugar concentration. Powerful aroma of quince, dates and candied fruit with notes of citrus peel: clear and welcoming. In the mouth the sweet sensation is mitigated by a pleasant acidity reminiscent of honey, caramel and nougat. Dense and textured, its aftertaste is long, not too sweet, and rich in multiple shades. The finish is elegant, slightly bitter and dry.


Prepared exclusively from the Muscat grape of Chipiona and partially fermented to preserve the characteristics of the variety by adding wine alcohol, our Dark Muscatel is distinguished by a touch of traditional and artisanal syrup that provides color and aroma. It is an average of three years old through the dynamic solera system of aging in 500-liter American oak casks.