Our Católico-Agrícola Winery Cooperative has the best infrastructure of the Designation of Origin Jerez/Xérès/Sherry for the production of our wines. These are the best infrastructure for the development of our wines at Los Madroñales Winery and excellent conditions for aging in the Avenida de Regla Winery.

The modern and innovative production winery has a vinification plant for the manufacture of the wines of the O.D. Jerez/Xérès/Sherry, which applies to our Muscatels and newer young wines. Its area of ​​over 6,500 square meters gives us the capacity to produce more than 85% of all production linked to Chipiona and practically almost all the Muscatel wines of Chipiona.

Within our R&D projects, we have an Arrope Manufacturing Plant, which gives us the sweet flavor of yesteryear in our wines and Muscatel Oloroso.

In the center of Chipiona, and with the same name from its location, we have a winery under the name of Avenida de Regla, for aging. It contains all our soleras and criaderas with more than 900 American oak casks and facilities for stabilization and filtration. This is where we bottle our wines, as well.

With high ceilings and an albero floor, our cool cellars are oriented to the northwest to receive Poniente breezes. Conditions similar to the typical sherry cellar to better facilitate the aging of our wines through the complexsolera ageing system. Sherry winemaking is a dynamic.

In short, craftsmanship, quality and time are the ingredients we use to create our wines. Combined, they form elegant and appreciated wines, able to bring forth the old and authentic flavor of our Finos and Muscatels.


The viticulture practiced in our vineyards is one of the fundamental bases of our wines. The secret is how we cultivate the vineyards, based on an ancient and traditional technique.

One factor that guarantees the excellence of our wines is the type of soil in the vineyards. A coarse, grainy sand with a highly porous and permeable structure that maintains greater heat due to clayey grounds, even during the winter. Our vintage comes forward with respect to production around the framework of Jerez.

Another feature to consider is our warm climate, which favors high evapotranspiration. The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean softens and moisturizes the environment and the prevailing winds from the west exert a dampening effect of warm summer temperatures. During the active period of grape development, the average lies around 18 degrees Celsius with about 3,000 hours of sunlight. Hence, the orientation of our vines is in north-south direction for maximum sunshine during the day.

Currently, all of our vineyards are governed by the system of Integrated Production. This ensures a high quality of the grapes, which are grown without using pesticides and fertilizers. We respect human and environmental health.